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I picked up the small journal, padded and covered in a fabric resembling a quilt, and it fell open to page, written on April 2, 2003.

“Today would be our 65th wedding anniversary. Much like today, cold, damp, slight rain….”

Yesterday I went with my Mom to look at some of my (paternal) Grandmother’s things – she has had to move to a nursing home and they are in the process of packing up many of her belongings. She will turn 98 next month. I brought home a few treasures, which I will probably share in the future once I get more of the “story” behind them. But I found this journal on the bookshelf. I had given it to her over 10 years ago, to write down her memories and family stories. She initially wrote in it like a diary, but as I began to flip pages, there, in her own small script, are snapshots of her life.

“…Met at A. [Anglican] Church…at nine A.M. In attendance, R’s parents, brother R. and wife. M. & Mrs. F. Rev. P. officiated. Since the soap the villagers put on the windows froze, and by the time we got to C, decided to return…[home] and clear the soap and remove the tin cans. We stopped in N. and had our pictures taken, a custom in that day. We drove to T. to R’s, stayed 2 nights. Returned home and I baked for the wood sawyers [sic] the next day. We saw one movie on the way “Ebb Tide”. Doesn’t sound very exciting, that was usually the style then, we didn’t have money for a lavish wedding, and we didn’t borrow in those days. R. had a new tip top taylor suit which cost $24.00. I had bought a deep blue dress, bought material to add sleeves to it. You didn’t get married without sleeves and a hat.”

My Grandfather died in 1977 (I was 3) and my earliest memory is the wake at the farmhouse. Nana rarely talked about him, so I only know snippets about my Grandfather. Finding this little story feels like uncovering a priceless treasure, and I can’t wait to curl up one of these days, and read the whole book cover to cover.