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It’s hard to believe that 2 weeks ago, this is what I was doing…

Jenn beach_ed

…and I was enjoying it! And I want to be doing it again. Right now! There’s something soothing about walking on the beach, letting your thoughts wander everywhere and nowhere. To let the tension and deadlines go, let all the voices simply be…still.

There won’t be “stillness” in my day today. Today, I will be wearing many hats, dealing with many voices, putting on my “I’m in control” facade so I can organize and speak intelligently (at least I hope it’s intelligent). Normally, I can do it, graciously and relatively sweat-free. But today I am feeling a little panicked, a little out of control, a little spastic. All week I’ve felt like a hamster on a wheel – running, but not really getting anywhere. I make lists…and promptly lose them!

Today is the first day of Morning Break (that’s the ladies ministry at my church and which I mysteriously became chair of a year and a half ago…I need to get Scooby-Doo and his sleuths on that one! In addition to bringing some of the food, I am teaching the first class (that only requires 5 boxes of stuff) and emceeing the first open session (the morning joke is critical!). I’ve done it several times before – it shouldn’t be a big deal…but for some reason, this time it is.

So as you take a break and read my pondering, I will do what I do best – lay it before the Lord, strap on a pair of sassy heels and head into the day. My flip-flops were comfortable, but my heels are fierce! One of these days I’ll get around to printing this picture and posting it some place where I am always busy just to remind me…sometimes it’s okay to take a breath and be still.