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Hubby recently purchased a Three Stooges DVD so he can introduce Little Guy to them. I understand wanting to share the Classics with your kids. I had looked forward to a day when I could share Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Audrey Hepburn Classics with my daughter…but I didn’t have a daughter, and so the Classics are now the Three Stooges and Abbot & Costello.

I don’t find the Stooges funny. Do you? If you ask Hubby that question, he’ll answer: “soitanly”! So why can’t I see it? I watched a few clips with the guys this weekend, trying to understand appreciate the comedic trio and share this experience with Hubby and Little Guy. While both were laughing, Little Guy was threatening to roll right off the couch. I really tried to understand appreciate the Stooges, but bottom line, Buddy Boy, I didn’t find them funny, humorous, or remotely entertaining…Aside from the fact that they’re always whacking and poking each other, they give me the same feeling as Will Ferrell that somehow they’re just trying too hard to be funny.

Former University of Texas professor, Robert Solomon, argued “not only that the Stooges are funny but that the fact of their funniness constitutes a counterexample to the major philosophical theories of humor”.[1] There are three theories regarding the nature and purpose of humour, but to make a philosophical discussion short, the Stooges don’t fit into any of them. They are a unique bunch of Wise Guys!

So am I jaded? Overly critical? Thinking too hard? Does it matter why they always seem to have glue handy at the most inappropriate times? Probably not. Comedic tastes aside, I’m impressed that what started as a vaudeville act in the early 1920’s continued for close to 50 years. Or the fact that over 30 years since the last film was released, nearly everyone in the world, young and old, have heard of The Three Stooges. The Stooges can be classified as “low comedy”, being known for their gratuitous jokes and extreme slapstick, but this hard-working troupe kept the audiences begging for more. They spoofed nearly every genre of movie – westerns, war movies, horror shows, and soap operas, and appeared in 220 films. Perhaps in the end they achieved what they most desired: to make people laugh. Or some people…

I asked Hubby why he found the Stooges so funny and he told me it was because their humour was simple, and that’s why women don’t get it (is he saying men are simple?). My seven year old loved it…perhaps the Stooges appeal to the little boys trapped inside guys. For now I’ll leave my Knuckleheads to bond and accept that it’s just a “guy thing”! Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

[1] http://www.britannica.com/blogs/2012/02/are-the-stooges-funny-a-philosopher-says-soitany/