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Yes, it’s true! I’m going on a long-distance family vacation today (the first in 10 years). Unfortunately, not all of my family can make it. Big Guy has to work. However, he will also get to spend 2 weeks with his “step-sisters”, Guinea and Rock Star (our guinea pigs). We aren’t gone for 2 weeks, and I have no doubt that Big Guy will be more than happy to bring them home again!

Today we are flying to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and meeting my parents there. They drove down earlier this week. I apologize in advance to all the residents of South Carolina…I will start speaking in a southern accent soon after my arrival.  I can’t help it – it happens involuntarily. On the plus side, only my family will likely notice. I’m planning on leisurely walks on the beach, a good book poolside, sleeping late (as much as Little Guy will let me), and a few tasty meals that some else will cook. We may do some sightseeing, people watch with an ice-cream cone, and compete with each other for the best mini golf score.  I may post while I’m away – I haven’t decided…which is part of being on vacation. Not having to plan everything in detail! That being said, I did scan some cartoons ahead and if you don’t hear from me for a day or two, don’t believe that I’ve forgotten about you.

The biggest hurdle, however, is getting there. Like my grandmother, I’m slowly developing claustrophobia. I feel a little like this guy:


At least the trip down is 2 short flights, and I’m bringing plenty of candy and practicing my deep breathing exercises. My first flight ever was to Europe and I made it in one piece, so I’m pretty confident that I can do this too! I am NOT waiting another 10 years for a vacation!!

Bon voyage!