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Just when I was tempted to think “I’m glad I don’t have homework”, someone gave me homework – a list of approximately 40 questions to answer in preparation for a meeting. Since the questions are open-ended and subjective, there are no right or wrong answers. Offering my opinion also means there is no way to research what could be construed as a right or wrong answer. The assignee promised anonymity, but knowing that even he will read my answers makes me nervous. What if I alter his perception and trust in me in such a catastrophic way that I am dismissed from the meeting or the committee, or worse, forever banned from the organization? Could this, the second meeting I have ever attended since being asked to join this committee, be my last?

It was easy to forget, when Little Guy finally arrived, that all too soon the dreaded day would arrive when homework would enter our lives…again. For reasons I cannot divulge here, “homework” is a word that makes me shudder from my inner core to my fingertips! Getting Big Guy through school was a full-time job, on top of my full time job! I have memories of frustration, long hours, arguing, head-banging, and weeping and gnashing of teeth…and that was just me! And it wasn’t just getting the homework done, it was also getting all the materials home in order to complete the job, as well as getting it all the homework back and handed in, on time. I hated it!!!

Little Guy has had homework since Kindergarten, but it was handed out a month at a time, and we had some flexibility to pick & choose our activity. There were days when Little Guy was really tired, so we would do something easy, while other days he was ready to tackle more than one hard exercise. At the end of the month, I would hand it in and he would get a certificate. It meant that I was well-trained…

Last year (Grade One), Little Guy had really hard homework, work that seemed extremely advanced even for Grade Two. Sometimes there was frustration and weeping, but we persevered. Grade Two has been a picnic…most nights the only homework is reading, which is hardly a challenge for Little Guy. The challenge has been that when there are a few sheets of homework, Little Guy doesn’t want to sit down and do them. It takes forever (I can hear my hair turning gray) and I find that frustrating. I feel like a “nag” and I hate feeling like a “nag” (no comments from the “peanut gallery, please”)!

What ever happened to the principle “Work Before Play”? Why does watching Little Guy cut and paste pictures of shapes feel like beginning of “boot camp”? [Amazingly, he got it done…working faster and better once I turned the radio on (go figure) and I impressed him with my ability to sing along with most of the tunes…he was even more impressed when I told him the one song, “I Like the Night Life, Baby” by The Cars was popular when I was 6…I didn’t point out that Daddy was 16…]

As for my homework, I struggled for hours, nay days, but it’s finally submitted. It may be all over for me…by 0900!