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SnowIf we woke up to sugar-coated trees on Wednesday, then we woke up to marshmallow-covered trees yesterday. It was so pretty…and so heavy! After two days of shovelling very wet snow, my back and shoulders hurt…as well as my wrists, knees and one ankle. Thinking about marshmallows got me thinking about the cooking show I saw recently, and I was delighted to find the same recipe in a book as the one used in the show. Mmmm…chocolate peanut butter walnut fudge!

Now it’s been awhile since I have tried a new recipe, and if you’ve been reading my blog, you will know why…I have quite a record of cooking and baking disasters. There was The Blob, Kung Fu Dumplings, and Potato Soufflé – and who can forget The Crime Scene Photos? I still have nightmares…

Hubby had asked me if I could pick up something at the grocery store, so it was the perfect time to pick up the missing ingredients too. I remembered everything I needed for the fudge…and forgot the one thing Hubby asked me to pick up!

Baking when I’m not tired isn’t the best plan, but baking when I am tired was like flirting with danger…Hubby stayed outside to shovel. I measured my ingredients…and left them sitting out because the butter was still too hard. And when I opened the stove drawer to get the pan I needed, it fell under the stove. I had to get down on my knees to get it out…and I found all kinds of things under the stove: a cat toy (our cat was put down 10 years ago), a plastic baby spoon, a wooden squirrel, and a ton of dust bunnies. I knew something had to go wrong…Little Guy started to help me put it together after supper, but he soon became distracted by the sink-ful of warm, soapy water…

Little Guy is growing up, and there have been a lot of subtle changes lately. The foam jungle animals I made to decorate his bedroom walls have been taken down, the last childproof lock has been removed, and every morning we argue about why he needs to take his snow pants to school. He used to love playing in the sink with whatever he could get his hands on. If I started to do dishes, he would start dragging a chair to the sink so he could climb up and “help”. He always concentrated so hard on pouring and stacking, like a mad scientist, playing long after the water had turned stone cold. I enjoyed having my “little” boy back bedside me last night.

But there was one other thing about the “mad scientist” that I forgot until Little Guy joined me upstairs, clutching the hand towel from the kitchen. His shirt was soaked (the I-can-squeeze-it-out kind of soaked) and he had grabbed the hand towel to keep from dripping. That should have twigged something in my memory…I stepped in the dribble of water running from the sink to the stove where the towel had been hanging, but didn’t really saturate my socks until I found the puddle! At least Little Guy has grown up enough to think to grab a towel!

FudgeThe fudge, thankfully, turned out well. It’s delicious…and it’s going in the freezer in small packages…If I keep celebrating losing over 10 pounds, there won’t be any reason left to celebrate!

Happy Weekend!