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It’s a “sugar-coated” morning and I don’t mean that it’s been particularly sweet.  It was doing this when I went to bed, way past my bedtime, last night…

Feb 28 snow

This morning, everything is “sugar-coated” with thick and heavy snow. Perfect for making snow men. We knew the snow was coming, despite that fact that yesterday was sunny and mild most of the day. Little Guy came home from school excited that the school buses were already cancelled. Sorry Buddy, cancelled buses does not mean cancelled school.

Feb 28 snow 2

Little Guy came thundering into my room this morning – I was barely conscious and watching the weather news on television. He flung open the curtains and cheered because “no school…” So, like a heavy, wet blanket, I pointed out the blue bar at the bottom of the television screen showing all the bus and school cancellations. In our district, schools are still open. He whined incessantly, “It’s not fair”! I resisted the urge to spout my favourite expression, “suck it up, buttercup”  because while life is unfair, I understand his disappointment! I like snow days too!

Feb 28 snow 3

We made it to the school okay, only to find that the parking lot we use had not been ploughed…it would have been okay if the plough hadn’t thrown up a solid bank of snow across the entrance. I managed to turn around, get to the man parking and find a corner to stop in. With my 4-ways flashing, I hustled Little Guy to the front door of the school just as the bell rang. Hope he made it to his classroom.

Feb 28 snow 4

It’s nearly lunch time and it’s still snowing, but it’s the big fluffy flakes that won’t accumulate too much. It’s still better than rain. The wind is picking up too so the trees are losing their sugar-coating. But it was pretty while it lasted.

I hope the rest of your day is sweet!