I’m late posting today because even though the calendar tells me it’s Tuesday, it’s a Monday – all the way! I got groceries in the slush…after my chiropractor called to find out if I was still alive since I didn’t show up for my appointment. So technically, I’m not just a day behind, I’m a whole week behind!

I have a lot to put pen to paper (or in my case, fingertips to keyboard) but too many other things to do as well…however, in my wanderings this morning, I compiled a short list of a few things I learned this weekend…I needed a good laugh:

1. You can buy hair colour in spray cans. I went for it with hot pink Saturday night…either a) most didn’t notice; or b) most didn’t comment because i) they were scared too or ii) they had been taught (like me) that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.

2. I can eat pizza every other day and not get sick of it.

3. Technology is great…when it works !

4. When planning music, always plan extra!

5. Grown-ups will fingerpaint even if there aren’t children involved in the project.

6. Don’t trust the grocery store bakery for cake.

7. Our party supply store carries a limited number of “Over the Hill” decorations…and most of them have a big, fat “40” on them…

8. I know which neighbour likes to shovel at midnight (and I can resist the urge to use that shovel against him).

9. I still know the names of the trains on the Island of Sodor (aka Thomas the Tank).

10. Our guinea pigs will be spending March Break with Big Guy and their “rodent cousin”.

11. A crowbar is a great tool to break up laundry detergent when it is a solid lump at the bottom of the box.

12. Famous Last Words: “I never have a problem with my car not starting…”