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 Shovelling snow is SO not fun! By the time I went out at 1:00 p.m. to shovel Friday afternoon, the snow was half way to my knees. When it was pushed to one side, it was over my knees, and where the sanctimonious snowplough had left its wall of sodden snow across the bottom of the driveway, it was half way to my waist. With nearly every toss, I got a mug-full of blowing snow. Refreshing is not the best word to describe it. It wasn’t so bad once I lost all feeling in my chin! And do you have any idea how hard it is to toss snow onto a bank of snow that is nearly eye level? I realize I’m only 5′ 1 ½” (and the ½” is important) but seriously? And whoever designed the garden that runs along the edge of our driveway should be shot…I like my Rose of Sharon trees but this time of year, they’re a nuisance. Thursday night Little Guy was shovelling yard snow onto my rose bush because he was worried about it not being covered up. Honey, that thing is at least 4′ under and won’t see the light of day for months now! I didn’t say it but I wanted to – “I told you so”!

By the time we were done, I was dragging my tail behind me. I went straight into a hot shower because my hair was encrusted with snow and it was starting to melt, little icy rivelets trickling down my back. I thought I was going to have to cut my frozen hair elastic out. My legs were red between where my coat ended and my tall boots started…they were numb too.

By 4:45 Friday afternoon (2 ¼ hours after Hubby called to say he was coming home) it was snowing and blowing, swirling off the rooftops…and the tops of my giant mogul ski hill snow banks. I didn’t know whether to worry or nap. Maybe I was suffering from hypothermia…probably not! Hubby made it home in only 2.5 hours from work, having stopped to help a transport that was stuck going up the on-ramp. He was the only one in a line up of probably 1,000 cars (his exaggeration, not mine…but he was the only one) that got out and tried to help. It’s not like they were going anywhere! He decided to shovel the driveway again to burn off some steam…there was at least an inch or two out there by then.

The snow banks had already started to shrink by morning and the wind had died down so that the snow was still heaped on all the surfaces…the trees, the drain pipe, the garbage cans, even the seats on the swing set.

February 9, 2013


Hubby and Little Guy spent a large part of the morning helping different neighbours finish digging out. It was nice to connect with others in our little community and just be…neighbourly?


I just hope I’m not outside when this decides to come down…

Uh oh!