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It’s 25C in Punta Cana today. With the wind chill, it’s only -15C here. The temperature isn’t the problem…it’s the snow. It snowed all day yesterday. It snowed all night. It’s still snowing, and by the end of the day, we may see up to 30cm of snow (which in my opinion doesn’t sound like a lot, but Hubby assures me that it is). The Universities are closed. The Catholic schools are closed. The public schools are open.

I debated – do I take Little Guy to school? It’s not like he’s going to miss much…so I called his friend’s house to see if they were going. They only live a few houses from the school but because they are not –we are not! Yeah…Snow Day!

I had planned to write a moving piece, about the plans we make in life using exciting metaphors (and photos) from our work shovelling the driveway last night. I was going to write about how we sometimes have to make our own paths, or travel completely away from the expected path; how sometimes we have to stay the course, while other times we need to enjoy the journey! Something deep and profound…

Last night Little Guy and I went out to shovel part of the driveway before Hubby got home from work. When I went out to shovel, I had a very specific plan. First, I clear the steps, the sidewalk and the top of the driveway by the carport. Then, I clear 2 strips down the length of the driveway for the car tires. Next, since we share our driveway with our neighbour, I clear the bottom of both driveways so that when the sanctimonious snowplough comes along, throwing up a wall of slushy snow, there’s less to break down and remove. Finally, I weave my way up the rest of the driveway to complete the job.

When Little Guy went out to shovel, he obviously did not have a plan. He also started with the steps and walkway, but quickly moved to meandering in all directions across both driveways. It wasn’t methodical and neat, and it certainly didn’t meet the requirements of my rigid plan, but it was still getting the job done. Same objective – different process. He was just busy making his own path!

snow 1

When that got boring, he meandered through the yard. Different objective – different process. I was staying the course – he was enjoying the journey!

snow 2

It’s 10:00 a.m. and it’s still snowing, hard. Hubby cleared a path for his car around 6:30 this morning, but it’s hard to see it. The only clear path on the driveway is the one the mailman made. I guess my neighbour didn’t get any mail today! And it’s probably time for us to go out and do some shoveling – after all, that sanctimonious snowplough will come sooner or later. Maybe this time, I’ll try making my own path! Who knows – it could be fun (well, as much fun as shoveling can be)!

Happy weekend.