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I flew into a big box bookstore yesterday afternoon looking for a specific book, but I wasn’t sure where to find it. I decided to start in the Women’s Health section. I was shocked to find, not books on self-esteem, diet, exercise or even surviving menopause, but ¾ of the small shelf filled with books on sexual positions, how to seduce, pleasure or keep men, and a book with Sex Tips from Porn Stars! What does this mean? 75% of the books on Women’s Health…didn’t have a whole lot to do with health. Is the market saturated with books of this caliber or is there a large market demanding this information? What reasoning process did this store go through to determine that the Kama Sutra belonged in the Women’s Health section (as opposed to Relationships or even Erotica)? What kind of women are buying these books?

I know we’ve become a society obsessed with sex – getting it, the abundance of it, or the lack of it. If we’re not “doing it” then we are obsessing about “doing it” or obsessing about why we’re not “doing it”. It’s exhausting! Someone must be spending copious amounts of money and brain power trying to find “ways” to what? – to keep from being replaced by a younger, sexier model? – to become something that they are not because they are not secure in themselves with who they are?

I recently saw the movie, Hope Springs, with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. Both are seasoned actors and the theatre trailer looked humorous. Two aging empty-nesters who go on a weekend retreat for couples therapy. I just wish I could get that time back. Spoiler Alert: the “entire therapy” focuses exclusively on sex – even though this couple hasn’t connected in years – and when they finally have sex (after a painfully long time), their relationship is magically revived. I certainly hope that this movie (or other plotlines like it) won’t become the catalyst that precipitates horny seniors acting worse than teenagers in the movie theatre. Seniors can be sexy, I just don’t need to see it!

Call me a prude. I don’t care. What happens in the bedroom, should stay in the bedroom. I believe in the importance of emotional connection, intelligent conversation, meaningful touch, and mutual respect in a relationship that exceeds the need to jump into bed at every possible opportunity. Here’s a crazy idea…maybe if we put as much brain power and energy into solving issues like homelessness and poverty as we do in pursuing “satisfaction”, we could change the world.

And the Women’s Health section in the book store…should probably be about – oh, I don’t know – Women’s Health?