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I think I’m going to live. Who knew that cuddling in bed with a 7 year old would lead to tears and an ice pack? I don’t think my nose is broken…

Friday afternoon I was full of ideas for today’s blog…

I could write about buying a new cell phone. It wasn’t a planned purchase…but since mine kept dying and wouldn’t hold a charge more than 12 hours, and since I was near the store, I went in to see what could be done. I ended up buying a new phone and transferring my SIM card so I didn’t have to get a new phone number or join a cell phone plan. And thanks to my friend (whose “big mouth” can be a big blessing), I saved close to $70 on the purchase price.

I could write about the sudden snowstorm we had and how ridiculously some people drive in snow. I could talk about the courier truck that pulled out of a driveway and nearly swerved into the car in front of me, or the other courier (different company) who drove through a stop sign (he didn’t even slow down).

Or I could write about my Friday night home alone, and how I resisted inviting O Henry to join me. So many possibilities…

Instead I’m sitting here, with a slightly swollen and slightly purple nose, raccoon eyes, and a lovely headache. Purple is not my best colour!

I’m not sure what happened, but Saturday night I was lying beside Little Guy in his bed after I had tucked him in. It’s a quiet time to talk about the day or things that might be bothering Little Guy. Other times we share made-up stories or silly jokes. We were being silly with his Angry Birds Piggy ball and I tossed it over his shoulder. He rolled over to grab it, started to roll back and …blinding pain. I don’t know if it was his elbow or his head (it felt big and hard like a head) right on the bridge of my nose. I howled…Hubby yelled up from the bottom of the stairs “is everyone ok?” Um…no! I spent most of Saturday evening with an ice pack on my face, staring at the ceiling. I felt like I had been to dentist for a filling, but my nose was still “frozen” by the novocaine. I was breathing, air was going in…but I couldn’t feel it. I spent most of Sunday on the couch, in my pajamas…and I decided someone else could “cook” supper.

And so begins another week. I need to go out and get groceries…I’m tempted to make up an elaborate lie if anyone asks what happened. Something exciting like a snowboarding accident? That sounds better than I should have worn a hockey helmet with a face mask when I put my child to bed. No pictures please!