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Tomorrow Big Guy is officially OLD!! I had way too much fun gigging through all the “over the hill” and “old folk” birthday cards in the store, as well as the sympathy cards (apparently I have  a sick sense of humour…)

The standing joke in my family is that 23 is OLD! I don’t remember exactly how that came about except that it happened at a family gathering and it was my brother’s fault…he was 22. Consequently, when he turned 23, his friends threw him an “Over the Hill” birthday party, complete with gag gifts like mittens with strings, reading glasses, a cane, and adult diapers…nice!

When I turned 23, I was 2 months away from becoming an OLD married lady. I was half way through my second college diploma and Big Guy was 6. I am beginning to understand why older people made comments like “you’re so young”. I hated it at the time…but I’m beginning to understand why they were saying it…

Since Big Guy is turning 23, I am turning 40 and Hubby is turning 50 this year, I suggested that we host a wake (maybe an Irish wake?)…allow our friends and family to gather together and help us mourn our lost youth. No gifts – condolences only. Keening encouraged. So to Big Guy I sing –

Happy Birthday (ugh!)
Happy Birthday (ugh!)
Pain and sorrow fill the air
People dying everywhere
Happy Birthday (ugh!)

I’m giving you fair warning now – let the hazing begin! Love ya’