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A mind is a terrible thing to waste…on housework! Too bad I had to waste mine yesterday. I have people coming to the house today for an open house for my business…at least I think I have people coming…and just in case I do, I needed to do some housework! And having “lost” a day this week, I really had to make good use of my time yesterday. (Maybe my mind wasn’t completely wasted?)

I’m not sure where my mind went when I booked this open house…it’s Thursday and I should be at Bible study. It used to also be our exercise day so it’s not like meeting on Thursdays is a new thing! On a side note, some of the ladies decided to quit the exercise part so I’m back to trying to discipline myself…and it’s not going well. I can discipline myself to have my “quiet time” every day, and I can stick to a gluten-free diet pretty well…Even though I told them I would be absent this week (2 weeks ago), the gals are having a breakfast at the church this morning…It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind except that I was at a baby shower this week and I ended up sitting at a table for 7 people by myself…and stuff like has happened before…many times…I wonder if I’ll spend the morning here alone too? I have 2 bags of chocolate chips (they’re gluten free) and I would be quite happy to curl up on the couch and watch a chick flick…

Maybe my mind has been wasted, and I should stick to housework! It’s kind of mindless…and so is my post…So now that you’ve read something mindless, it’s time to go do something incredible with your mind. I’ve heard it’s a terrible thing to waste!