I got to pretend I was a “grown up” yesterday, and it was kind of fun…but I’m not sure I’d want to do it every day.

Yesterday was cold so I made sure I had my long underwear under my clothes, and I even dug down deep in my closet to pull out a wool sweater. You know it’s cold when the bulky wool sweater comes out! I had just fixed Little Guy’s breakfast and lunch, and was pulling out a bowl for my breakfast when the phone rang. It was our church secretary and she sounded terrible – “could I go in to cover for her”? I hastily changed into “work-appropriate” clothes, grabbed a package of instant oatmeal (and the bag of raisins) and headed out the door. I could drop Little Guy at school and buy something at Tim Horton’s for lunch, right? We were late getting to the school, which meant I was 5 minutes later heading out…and that 5 minutes cost me an extra 20 minutes in traffic. No time for tea!

I used to work in an office in the financial district of the “Big City”. Every morning, I ran to the bus stop (praying I wouldn’t miss the bus…or on days when the wind chill hit -30C, that the bus actually arrived). The bus would take me to the subway or train station, (depending on where I was living at the time)…a long ride (please don’t let me need to use the bathroom) then another walk underground with the other rushed zombies, to get to the office. And at the end of a busy day, repeat in reverse order. Not so different from most of the world! Most days, I liked my job. I could juggle multiple projects, organize piles of documents, meet deadlines, and troubleshoot surprises, all with a sense of purpose and pride. I was exceptionally good at my job, so I was entrusted with cool tasks beyond my job descriptions. Most days I liked my job…

And then Little Guy came along and I “retired”…and most days, I still like my job…I’m a Mom, Wife, Driver, Maid, Cook, Nurse, Seamstress, Zookeeper, Repairman, Counsellor…you get the picture! I still have to organize documents, meet deadlines, and troubleshoot surprises (except for supper – it can still sneak up on me)! I have no doubt that if Little Guy hadn’t come along I would have continued to excel at my job. I would have either finally procured that elusive promotion or finally scraped up the nerve to move on to something better.

Given the choice, I’d rather have my Guys, and be “retired”. The pay sucks in my current job and a vacation more than once every 10 years would be nice. But I do get to meet “interesting” people (“interesting” includes creepy) every day and travel a lot more (grocery stores count, right?). I still get a “Professional Assistants’ Day” (a.k.a. “Mother’s Day”). And the benefits are amazing! Yup! It was fun being a “grown up” yesterday, doing “office-y” stuff…but I’m not sure I’d want to do it every day again. Besides, I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up so for now, I’ll stay “retired”!