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Tea with Mom - a Strawberry Lemonade Mate Tea

Tea with Mom – a Strawberry Lemonade Mate Tea

This Christmas, Hubby blessed me with a beautiful clear glass tea pot with a glass infuser, as well as a package of Citrus Lavender Sage herbal (loose leaf) tea. I shared a few pots of delicious loose leaf tea with my mom over the Christmas holidays. But this weekend, Hubby decided he wanted to see what all the “fuss” was about, so offered to make a pot of tea while I was cooking oatmeal pancakes (for that recipe, click here). I have always found it to be a pretty straight-forward process…

Instructions for Brewing Loose Leaf Tea:

Select any kind of pot or cup you like.
Rinse the brewing vessel with hot water then add the right amount of tea leaves.
Pour the right temperature of water over the tea leaves.
Wait for the leaves to infuse for the time listed above. Adjust time depending on your taste, longer brews for a richer taste, shorter for a lighter taste.

The first thing we discovered was that I didn’t double the amount of tea leaves used, which would explain why the tea I made at Mom’s had such a delicate flavour. Math never was my strongest subject!

Secondly, Hubby had read somewhere that part of the reason for a clear glass pot was so that you could watch the water being infused by the tea leaves. But once he started pouring in the hot water, the tea pot steamed up and then the water condensed on the inside, making it impossible to see much at all.

Thirdly, while I never had this problem, the sage leaves clogged up the slots in the glass infuser, which prevented the water from seeping through and filling the pot. Hubby stood for a long time, staring at the pot and commenting on the amount of time wasted trying to make tea this way. He stirred and shook the (hot) infuser…and eventually made tea.

I wish there was a way to record and share smells because “yum” –mouth-watering orange mixed with subtle flowers and earthy sage. And once I finished making pancakes (I forgot about standing forever over the stove…and eating over the stove or going hungry) – I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks Hubby!

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