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Christmas is as far away as it will ever be…Hubby’s favourite Christmas expression! It’s Christmas night and I’m sitting here in my festive socks and ‘jammies, reviewing how much I have “survived” in the last several days:

– packing…packing food, toys, gifts, clothes, craft supplies, and guinea pig supplies, in two different cars for two different destinations…after the first winter snow of the season
– 9 hours in a car, including 3 hours driving my car full of gifts, 1 kid and 2 guinea pigs…in holiday traffic and snow
– 2 nights on a pull out couch with a mattress that was 99% springs
– being woken by my father-in-law’s cell phone alarm at midnight. (turned out there were 5 alarms set probably before he bought it…several months ago)
– being woken two mornings in a row at 6:45 a.m. by someone’s watch alarm
– Hubby’s black forest birthday cake for breakfast (ugh!)
– squealing guinea pigs any time wrapping paper was shaken, plastic bags were crinkled, or the fridge door was opened,
– wrapping gifts and filling stockings after a tiny glass of wine and vodka (not at the same time 🙂
– cleaning up seemingly endless piles of wrapping paper, boxes, bows and tags
– big meals…as gluten-free as possible (except for pie – got to have pie)! I promise…I only smelled the stuffing, several times…
– two slightly deaf and repetitive grandmothers (what?!?)
– packing leftovers in my Mom’s fridge (it’s 3D Tetris)
– doctoring 2 injuries with ice packs (1 injury per child)
– cookies…lots of cookies…
– dishes…lots of dishes!!
– drinking something the colour of antifreeze called Nuclear Waste

My brother and kids are due to arrive here (at my parents) on Boxing Day…Hubby, Little Guy and I will be heading to a hotel for a night – a mini family vacation. Too bad Big Guy has to head back to work. So far it’s been a good holiday…Hope you are enjoying yours!?!?