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My snowman is evil…or so Big Guy believes. He’s really an ordinary snowman-in-a-box. I purchased him a few years ago at a craft box store during Boxing Day sales. He was 75% off, and I was really into snowmen that year. Please don’t read anything into that…

Mr FrostyWhen you turn the crank, it plays a plucky rendition of Jingle Bells and at just the right moment, Frosty pops out of his box with a merry message in a deep Santa-ish voice: “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!” There’s nothing evil about that, right? Except…

Except that Frosty sometimes wishes us a Merry Christmas when no one is anywhere near him. The first time was at 5:00 a.m. in a dark room…I had just tiptoed downstairs to leave Big Guy a reminder note in his cereal bowl. The kitchen light was on but I was writing my note at the dining room table… and Frosty wished me a Merry Christmas. So I wished him a Merry Christmas right back, delivered my note and went back to bed. Frosty has spoken many times since then…and I usually just say “Merry Christmas Frosty” right back at him. [NB: I should mention that Frosty only seems to speak on his own, when he is outside his box.]

Big Guy finds Frosty “creepy”, and he never appreciated it when I left a free Frosty tucked under the basement stairs…so that when Big Guy went to the laundry room to brush his teeth (because his bedroom was in our basement), Frosty would speak to him and freak him out.

When Big Guy moved out, I offered Frosty to him, and to my surprise, he took him. Frosty wore out his welcome within a few weeks. To get from Big Guy’s bedroom to his bathroom, you have to pass through a narrow hallway of closets and shelves. Big Guy made a trip at night…in the dark…and Frosty, true to form, wished him a Merry Christmas…and spooked him. I swear – I had nothing to do with it!

The last time Big Guy was home, I planted Frosty in his old room. I didn’t know if Big Guy would sleep in his room or just crash on the couch, or if Frosty would make his presence known…but it was worth a shot! Big Guy will be home Saturday night, even though we will have already headed to the in-laws…can you guess where this is going? Mwa ha ha!