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We can all recall at least one gift that made an indelible imprint our memory. Our pastor was talking about this on Sunday, and one of his memories was a special race track (and the hours he spent racing his Dad). Nearly every year, for the past 20+ years, I have whispered in Big Guy’s ear – “you are my best Christmas present”.

I was barely 16 when I found out I was pregnant. As you can imagine, it was not quite the joyous occasion that the announcement of an impending child brings. My parents and I received lots of advice and suggestions, most of it not really all that helpful.

From the moment I heard that I was pregnant, I began to ask God to show me what His will was for this life I was carrying. Would I raise him or her, or would it be better to relinquish him or her to another family? And I waited, and prayed, and explored my options, and continued with my studies…and I waited. By Christmas, time was of the essence. My baby was due February 4th, and a decision needed to be made. And I waited…until Christmas morning.

We were sitting around the tree, bundled up because the furnace had quit in the night, opening our Christmas presents. My brother was home from university, and he had given me 2 gifts. That seemed strange. I opened the smaller gift first – and it was a cassette tape of lullabies. He told me that he had been in the Christian bookstore and he really felt he should get it for me. And I knew. I knew that I was meant to keep my child. I knew that whatever the future held, God had spoken to me and He would support me through it. I knew with a certainty that has never wavered…not when Big Guy had surgery (twice…both times during my college exams and I lived at the hospital for weeks and studied in the middle of the night in a ward full of restless children), not when he broke my heart by calling my Dad “papa-dad” because he knew he should have a dad, not when we moved to the Big City and my parents were so far away.

I didn’t have to wait long after that morning…I went into labour exactly one month later! Life as a single parent was tough! I wouldn’t change a single moment of it. Big Guy was my best Christmas present and I’ll be sure to whisper it in his ear again this year.

p.s. My cabbage patch doll is a close second…and my Xbox and Guitar Hero games and controllers…that was pretty cool too…