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I live in a house full of men. There’s a reason I have my own end of the couch! There’s a reason I can hold my breath for a long period of time when I have to use the bathroom.

You might think that I could use a canary to warn me when the levels of methane gas have reached a dangerous level indoors, or to warn me that murky gases are creeping, nay wafting, around my ankles and threatening to strangle me in my bed.

Unfortunately, I do not need a canary, for I am the canary. Just the other day, I was curled up under a blanket on the couch, half-asleep and slightly sedated with cold medication…with a stuffy nose…but I knew. There was no sound. Oh no! SBDs (Silent But Deadly) do not go unnoticed… two tiny whiffs and I had to ask – “who farted”? From across the room, one my men, reading the newspaper on the floor, looked at me, surprised, and asked, “how did you know?” Seriously?

I think it’s one of my super powers…strange, but true.

p.s,. http://jenniburkeyoga.wordpress.com just nominated me for The Liebster Award…she says I make her laugh…I wonder if she’s laughing now, or regretting the nomination?