“Breastaurant” – doesn’t the term just say it all? Doesn’t it conjure up an image of a “man-cave” with a mamocentric focal point (or points) on all the waitresses? Does it make you cringe?

A few weeks ago, Hubby flipped during commercials, to the TV Show, Undercover Boss. The business – the Tilted Kilt, an up-and-coming “breastaurant! I immediately recognized the uniforms and said something like “that’s The Tilted Kilt. It’s a ‘breastaurant'”. He had never heard the term before and was rather shocked that I had! Hubby, I’m full of surprises!

I recently read that Hooters, the pioneer in breastaurants, is hoping to attract more female clientele (currently comprising 1/3 of its customer base) by freshening up the décor, adding more light and bigger patios, and upgrading the menu. The wait staff and those 1970’s silky shorts, however, are here to stay! Personally, I don’t think bigger windows will be enough to win me over!

So who is casually dining in breastaurants? You guessed it! 80 per cent of the customers are male, ages from 21 to 35, and are not necessarily single. Shocking, right? Keep reading…Why are 80% of the customers 21-35 year old men? Darren Tristano, an industry consultant, says “The big draw is attentive service”. Apparently, staff are trained on how to connect with customers and provide entertainment (rated PG-13). I thought the big draw was…something else!

American cultural critic Susan Douglas calls it “enlightened sexism—the notion that formerly ‘sexist’ depictions of women are harmless, even fun, when presented with an ironic wink”. Well…enlightened or not, I’m still not sure I’d want my daughter working there.

So here’s a question (I say with an ironic wink) – if we are an “enlightened” society, where’s the female equivalent? Where are the “chestaurants”? What about a casual dining experience at…I don’t know…Bi-ceptopia? Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your opinion), industry consultants don’t think it would work. Why? They say women are more focused on the food experience. Would I want to drool over a guy while I was eating? Nope, especially if there’s chocolate involved! Anyone up for a “sexpresso”?

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