Your Opinion Matters

I’ve had a lot on my mind this week – most of which I’m not at liberty to share. But there’s this other ridiculous thing on my mind that I can share. I recently read a great blog post called “Art Blogging vs. Conversational Blogs” from As part of that he talked about styles of blogs – what works and what doesn’t. He got me thinking (possibly obsessing: pardon me! My insecurity is showing)…and rather than furiously fretting any further, or freezing in fear, I’m just going to ask! For anyone reading this right now, whether you’re passing through or you’re a more “seasoned” reader of my eclectic (or should that word be spastic) blog, this is a fortuitous day! I’m interested in what you have to say because your opinion matters to me!

Disclaimer: please believe me when I say this is in no way some twisted or manipulative ploy to attract positive responses, to elicit flattering compliments, or to soothe my currently bruised ego (not that those things would offend me, but that’s not what I’m “up to” here). I don’t mean to sound needy! And while I am a woman in the midst of a midlife crisis, I promise not to let any raging hormones escape in your direction…

So without further ado (and using Right to’s listed “free tips”) – here goes:

1) “Shtick ‘em Up – Most bloggers have a shtick.” I don’t think I have a shtick except that I’ve spent a large part of my life crying, and I’ve simply decided I want to spend the next large part laughing, or something along those lines. I try to plan what I’m going to write about (and sometimes even conduct research), but for the most part, I just try to let “life” happen and look at the funny side of it. I’d get bored writing (or in your case, reading) the same stuff day after day! There’s a crisis every day, and there are times when I certainly feel like I’m living from one to the next. But as for mid-life, well…I can’t change that! Is anyone else having fun or am I laughing at myself, by myself? (how sad!)

2) “Good Writing vs. Good Blogging…Ask yourself if what you write about is something that an audience would want to engage in”. Umm…Here’s your chance – go!

3) “Brevity is Key – There’s nothing that deters me as a reader more than an extremely lengthy post…Get to the point, make it a good one”. I’ve never considered myself a “chatty kathy” in person, but upon reading past blog posts…Boy! Am I an annoyingly perky and optimistic person! I tried to figure out when “Miss Mary Sunshine” moved in, but all I ended up doing was having a rather lengthy conversation with myself, out loud, that reminded me too much of the Gilmore Girls…witty, fast-talking and perky! I apologize…I think I just discovered the answer to my own question – “Chatty Kathy” must die!

And finally, the big one plaguing my thought processes in the middle of the night:

4) “Quality, Not Quantity – If you’re in a hurry to post something daily, you might want to consider not only how it affects the quality of your content, but also how your audience is reacting to the frequency of your posts…It takes a lot of time to be a “follower”…Also remember, it takes time to produce something high-quality…Be selective. Otherwise, you might not only burn yourself out, you’ll also burn your audience out too“. With #3 in mind, let me ask this: should I post less often? Am I burning out my precious (few) “followers”?

I started blogging in January on a crazy whim and I’m so glad I did! I love the creative process; I love engaging with others from all over the world – literally! I would miss writing every day (and after 11 months of constant “Chatty Kathy” conversations in my head, it would be hard to shut up), but I can always go back to Facebook or figure out how to tweet (I’ve already set up the account, I just don’t know how to use it)…Thoughts? Any one? Bueller?

7 thoughts on “Your Opinion Matters

  1. Katie Bonikowsky says:

    It’s your blog and your thoughts! I come for them, and stay because it keeps me connected to an old friend (sorry, a friend I have had for a long time – clearly we’re not old!) and I relate to what you write. Thanks for sharing your life Jen!

  2. Good article. I know for a fact that I write WAY TOO MUCH so this advice is sound. I receive feedback that should be writing novels or screenplays, not blogs! I think the thing I want to get across to readers is that 1) not just women have a mid-life crisis 2) some stories are best told in their entirety. I realize this may not benefit my readership and may even annoy people – but since I new at this I haven’t really been able to figure out what is important, and what is color or noise.

    Having a schtick is a good thing for a blog. My Schtick encompasses a lot (of nonsense) best suited for multiple blogs. It’s just very hard to manage more than one blog because as you know it takes time to produce content. So I end up going on and on about various things that come to mind. I recognize that writing a blog on multiple, often unrelated topics frustrates some readers who expect you to write about the same thing all the time. But the idea of doing that bores me to death!

    On quantity… yes, I get that because I’ve produced several pieces this week in a row, but that’s only because the stories are fresh in my mind, and perhaps they won’t be relevant (to me) in two weeks. For example, I have more five stories I want to tell, but frankly – I too darn tired to write them. But that’s a good thing… else – I agree that I’ll burn out my followers.

    That’s my two cents (or maybe 5 cents at that length)🙂

    • Thanks for the input! I write 5 days a week, every week. Is it too much? I enjoy it (most of the time). As for topics, I’m all over. I have categories – faith, fitness, food, etc. and if someone doesn’t like it that day, they can fluff off (and come back tomorrow b/c it will be totally different). Maybe I’ll make some changes closer to Christmas or the new year…assuming I haven’t been banned by then! lol Keep writing & I’ll keep reading – I enjoy it!!

  3. I had a very wide smile on my face a few minutes ago. Not because I was about to drop a dirty joke on your page, but because I was feeling very flattered…

    BUT *BUT*my happy face turned to a frown by the time I finished reading (our?) article. Jenn, I want you to know something: I’m just an antennae like the rest of us on here. I get something in my head and need to spew it out. It was written with the best of intentions for all, and meant to be motivational — not the opposite.

    To be honest, being new to this whole thing, I wrote it for me. Not what you read, but it was a bullet list that I kept on my computer, originally. I read it a hundred times myself, not just for the edit portion, but because they are all things that humbled me in the beginning. I watch people and learn from them. Now, I’m passing it on to you and whoever else feels like reading.

    Do not(!) ever stop writing. I follow up regularly, myself. What a disservice it would do to all the others that you know now? Not even mentioning yourself!

    It’s a little tiny morsel for your brain. It’s a sustenance. Digest it. Don’t freak. Keep writing, and thank you for being who you are.

    P.S. I’m sorry about the tree joke. I’ll never say wiener on your page again. Oops.

    • Oops? [huge laugh]…Thanks, but as I said…somewhere (and maybe just in my head?) Pardon me: My Insecurity is Showing. I don’t think it’s wrong to “review” from time to time and rather than mulling it over – I thought I’d ask! I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and if this is the closest I get – I’ll take it! …
      Weiner…I’m still laughing!

      • Now I’m laughing…

        No problem with that. I just didn’t want you to beat yourself up. I guess it just sounded like it to me. Commence the market research!

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