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I started the morning by irritating Little Guy by singing loudly: “Seven years old, seven years old, Mama’s little birthday boy is seven years old. Growing like a tall tree, good as gold, Mama’s little birthday boy is seven years old”. My mother sang this to me on my birthday and I’ve carried on the tradition with both of my boys!

Seven years ago today, I finally held my baby boy. It had been a long journey Waiting for Little Guy. I had waited, and prayed, and wrestled with God, and God has blessed me, not only with more of Himself, but also with this beautiful red head!

It was fun to reminisce…My last meal before he was born was a Wendy’s Big Bacon Classic meal. I had called my Mom around 11:00 p.m. to say that this baby was coming (for sure, this time!) and then I stayed up and waited for her. I filled the time by ironing…and watching porn. Don’t get the wrong idea – 1) it was 1:00 a.m. and there wasn’t much on TV; and, 2) I was curious. There really is no plotline!

Mom arrived around 2:00 a.m. and we curled up on the couch and shared a pot of tea. I woke Hubby around 4:30 to say it was time to head out. My Mom waved from the front window. It was snowing lightly and we passed one car in the ditch on the way to the hospital. We had our priorities though…we stopped at Tim Horton’s first so Hubby could get his morning coffee!

This was Hubby’s first baby, so it was good that we had lots of time to wander around the hospital before things got serious. We were lined up at a coffee kiosk to get some breakfast when the first serious pain hit, and I hit the floor. Once it was passed, I could laugh at the 3 guys in line ahead of us, who were staring at us, mouths agape…they were probably worried that they would be called upon to deliver this baby. Poor guys!

Hubby lightened the mood (for awhile) with frequent thumbs-up and telling me “you’re doing great” (just like Eddie Murphy in the movie Bowfinger. Eddie plays a nerd filming a scene with Heather Graham, where she takes off her shirt. He’s shy and doesn’t quite know what to say). Several hours later, I was holding my 8.5 lb beauty, and life has never been quite the same!

Happy Birthday Little Guy!