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Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman (1975-1979) and I used to watch the re-runs and wish I could be her. I would spin around, hoping to transform into that fabulous one-piece outfit, complete with a gold belt (the source of her tremendous strength), gold bracelets to stop any bullet, a tiara boomerang, and the magic lasso of truth. Usually I just ended up getting dizzy and bouncing off the wall. Now that I have her body…I wish I looked more like Elektra instead. Curves were great…in the 1940’s (and evidently in 1970’s).

So when I saw this comic one Saturday morning, having just shuffled from the kitchen to the couch because I was still feeling the effects of a Thursday workout, I had to laugh out loud. Here’s a new way, in my nearly 40 year old body, that I can be recapture Wonder Woman…(you might have to click on it to see it…I don’t know how to change that – sorry…)