I hate taking our cars to our mechanic, and now I’ve had to go twice in one week. First, I had to take Hubby’s car in to get the headlight changed; he would have done it himself but it’s not straight-forward. I hate driving Hubby’s car – I feel like a little old lady who can barely see over the steering wheel of a big silver boat on wheels! I’m also terrified that I’ll be in an accident and he’ll have to take my car to work…and I’ll have to start walking to the school at 8 a.m.

Since I had Hubby’s car on Monday, he had mine, and he noticed that it didn’t sound “healthy”. I had noticed that too…but couldn’t really say when the noise started or if it had always sounded that way…What do I mean by that? I know that a car, like my body, needs certain things to work and needs to be maintained. I don’t really understand how all the inner parts work together…and I don’t want to! If I have to, I can change a tire and add the necessary fluids. I did a science project in Grade 7 on how steam engines work, and in my opinion, that was sufficient “mechanical” education in my lifetime!

Our mechanic is a small business owner – a nice enough guy but he seems as uncomfortable around me as I am around him. I’m always afraid he’ll start asking questions and I’ll look like a stereotypical dumb woman (which in this case, I am)! His prices are reasonable, and he’s close enough that I can walk home instead of sitting in his slightly grubby waiting room (although he does have a very nice wall-mounted flat screen TV and a small gas-burning fireplace). I just hope he can fix whatever is wrong with my car (without a long explanation as to what the problem is in the first place). I really do prefer, in this case, to be “oblivious”. I just hope I can pick it up before I have to walk to the school to pick up Little Guy…or worse, walk to the school tomorrow morning.

I’ll be singing Carfull of Pain all day!