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One week ago today, my Mom and I discovered our new favourite store – Teavana! Every year, my Dad goes deer hunting (they play cards, eat, and sit around in their own filth for days, often not even seeing a deer). My Mom and I used to enjoy a “girlie” week – pjs parties, shopping, chick flicks, etc. When I moved out, Mom would come and stay with me or with her parents for a “holiday” too. This year, we had one full day to shop!

We hit the Mall early and there she was – a pretty girl with a tray of steaming tea samples. We tried them all…then she lured us into the store to try more. We’re both “tea grannies”. I’ve always been scared to go into a store that sells loose leaf tea. I’m in heaven!

Our first sample was a mixture of Orange Blossom and Youth Berry tea – it had a delicate fruit flavour. We each bought a canister and divided it at home. Pop the lid and the whole house instantly smells of candied fruit, currants, and apples. We also bought some German rock sugar, unrefined sugar crystals that are supposed to enhance the natural flavour of white tea. We tried Honey Lavender Sage tea, Monkey Picked Oolong tea, and three or four others. All SO good!

I also learned a few things – I didn’t know that some teas are more sensitive to temperatures and steeping times than others. If they aren’t prepared correctly, the teas will become bitter. Too much for the pot equals bitter tea. Finally, tea balls do a great disservice to loose tea because it can’t expand.

Did you know?
White tea is an excellent source of antioxidants and low in caffeine. White tea promotes detoxification and body hydration, and may support healthy skin and complexion.
Green tea is a source of antioxidants. It may help support the immune system, and to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels (with a healthy diet).
Oolong tea may help promote a healthy metabolism, skin and teeth, as well as support digestion.
Black tea is energy boosting (yeah baby)! It may help promote heart health (along with exercise…)
Maté tea is energizing but may also support appetite suppression, and is a delicious source of vitamins and minerals.
Rooibos tea may support the immune system, help promote digestion, and provide relief from an upset stomach. It is naturally caffeine free.

Prefer less caffeine? Decaffeinate any leaf tea by steeping it for 20-30 seconds, then discard the liquid. Steep again and enjoy a low caffeine brew.

Prices ranged from $3-25/50 g…so I won’t be trying all 100 flavours…but 2 small teaspoons makes 2 pots of heaven. New store, new mid-life crisis experience…Teavana!