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A lot of guys would probably remark that there’s nothing better than “new car smell”…

Big Guy called last week, super excited, to tell us he had purchased a new car…as in 2013 brand new!! He had done his homework, examined his finances, and traversed the paperwork all by himself, something I have never done all alone! He posted a picture on Facebook and it’s gorgeous. His first car (may she rest in peace) was named Betty…I’m wondering if this one will be Veronica?

I bought my first (used) car just after my 18th birthday, and within months 2 months of getting my license. My Dad had picked out 2 cars…my brother bought one and I bought the other…our very first cars. My car was a silver 1981 Toyota Tercel Hatchback (aka “My Toy”). It was standard transmission, 2 door (wrestling the cumbersome kid car seat in and out was a physical challenge), and an AM/FM radio/cassette player. I was all set for college! The engine only blew up once on the highway…in the middle of winter…in the middle of nowhere…and I was wearing shoes and a short skirt…but some nice ladies in a pick-up truck took me home.

My second car (also previously loved) was a few years later – a sporty, red Nissan Pulsar – sunroof, tinted windows, flip-up headlights, standard again…it even had a black leather bra! My Dad loved driving it (maybe he was having his mid-life crisis). It was a lovely car while it lasted.

Once we were married, we had to cut back to a one car family. We had a periwinkle something, then the Ford Taurus that always felt too big! It eventually wore out and we donated it to a charity that teaches auto mechanics to youth. Lucky me, I spent years commuting to work by bus, train, and/or subway. I still don’t miss the commute.

In 2005, we bought a second car. I remember that day because we went out for lunch after we bought it to contemplate what we had just done…and I told Hubby that I was willing to let go of the dream of more kids and not pursue any infertility treatments. I asked him to be patient with me because it would take me a long time to grieve this loss. We found out I was pregnant less than a week later! This shiny, brand new 2005 Toyota Echo Hatchback was my “baby”! It was little and cute (just like me?) I learned how to pack 2 adults and 1 baby with lots of luggage in that little car for long road trips! It was like playing Tetris.

I loved that car (may it rest in peace). Hubby took it to work one day about 18 months later., and was sandwiched at a red light, by a (female) driver on a cell phone. I still miss that car…we were so good together!

I currently drive an older (used) navy blue, Toyota Echo Sedan – it’s a “soccer Mom” car. It had previously been leased so someone beat the crap out of it before it came into our lives. I have tried to give it lots of TLC and so far, it’s been pretty faithful. It gets me where I need to be.

There’s no “new car smell” in my future…and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous that Big Guy gets to enjoy it instead of me. When he visits, I’ll have to hop in and take a whiff!

p.s. I’ve never named my cars!