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Would you believe someone actually gave me a Reader Appreciation Award?….Me neither!! This is what it looks like…

I imagine there’s a way to post it on my main page for all eternity, but I haven’t figured it out yet…Keep in mind, every second I grow a little older. In fact, it’s more than a little scary to think that as technology increases, my age and brain capacity decreases! Now what was I talking about.?

Oh yeah! To say I’m stoked would be an understatement! I’ve seen many other bloggers receive awards (as well as some whose followership surpassed mine in days, whereas my followership grows slower than a snail heading for a damp rock). I’m not complaining – the fact that it goes beyond 3 is wonderful (NB: Hubby, Big Guy, & Mom probably feel obligated to follow). It was tempting to don my black velvet evening gown and white satin gloves this morning, and maybe even my plastic tiara that says “Irish Princess”, but I don’t think the early morning grocery store crowd would adequately appreciate me, so I donned jeans and a tee instead!

[drum roll please] First, I would like to thank the fantastic guy who bestowed this honour on moi! My Right to Bitch is more than just ranting and raving…it’s ranting with humour, wit, cynicism and charm (just to steal a few of his own words). He tackles relatable issues that haven’t crossed my mind before, or he spins yarns and “paints pictures with broad sweeping strokes” (Hubby’s favourite line). [Warning: his kind of humour may make you snort out loud!]

Now I’m supposed to tell you about others who I appreciate (and pass on the Reader Appreciation Award?…but I already said I don’t know how to do that). However, I’m going to list them any way (in no particular order and don’t feel bad if I missed you…I’m getting old remember? Brain capacity diminishing every second…) I hope you’ll pay them a visit!

Coach Daddy – the name tells you right off what are his two greatest passions. He lives in a houseful of females, and takes it all in stride! He writes about more than just his family or his soccer team, and always does so with pithy humour and a love for the “game of life”! (p.s. often refers to food!!)

My Sister’s Kidney: His gravatar is Alt-Shift-Del. He’s a clever Brit who started out blogging about donating his kidney to his sister, but through events and over time, has let his quirky side out to express his thoughts on all kinds of things…sometimes thoughtful, sometimes educational, and sometimes…quite mad!

The Camel’s Life writes about random and banal things, and lately shares her funny creative writing assignments! Why call her blog The Camel’s Life? Go and find out for yourself!!

Felix is a young bloke with a dark and twisted side – mostly satire…and a cat that forgot his birthday…Grumpy Comments

I neither hike nor take incredible photos, so I live vicariously through Patrick at Canadian Hiking Photos. It doesn’t hurt that most of his photos are from my own home and native land! He has shared how to take photos like this, but I know that even with the best equipment and intentions, it would not look this good! For more great global photos, check out the guys at PhotoBotos! And if you like to cycle, check out All Seasons Cyclist.

For food, I find out what National Food Day it is (and what I should eat to celebrate it) at Foodimentary or for a healthier option (crumb!) My Thin Eats who is super healthy! If you’ve ever read my blog, you will know that I have more food disasters than successes, but if given the option – laugh or cry – I just laugh…and eat it any way!

Rhythms of Grace feeds my soul. Thoughts on Theater is often inspiring. And A Detailed House and Bellegrove Plantation feed my need for history and home décor eye candy and voyeurism (I live with basic cable…if I satisfy my need for home décor eye candy, I’m less likely to look around and fuss about my own home… Hubby is eternally grateful!)

I lost count…I think that’s 10 (or more than 10?) We all work hard to share our thoughts, our ideas, and our quirks! My imaginary friend tells me she’s my only friend, but I’d like to think that I’m making connections, even if they are all online! At any rate – I’m sharing the love!