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Saturday morning, Little Guy came thundering in to my bedroom. I thought he’d had a bad dream. Turns out he had exciting news:

“Mom! Guess what?!? I had 5 babies last night!”

And I didn’t even know he was pregnant! Pretty soon I’ll have to have “the talk” with him, and once shared, it can’t be unshared!

I had the talk with Big Guy around Grade 5. We were shopping for clothes for him and he asked me “what does ‘doing it’ mean?” I knew it was coming! I asked him if he was sure, because once I told him, I couldn’t untell him. He decided to wait. Sure enough, he was back a few days later and I imparted the necessary information, without sharing too much information! He thought it was gross! And…when you really think about the mechanics of it…he was right! I assured him it would OK when the time was right (i.e., after you’re married).

Yes, I am aware of the irony! I have never believed in sex before marriage…and I became a Mom at 16. There was no immaculate conception! Just stupidity and low self-esteem.

For now, I will just have to enjoy my 5 new (stuffed) grandbabies! At least I straightened him this Summer (A Couple of Friday Funnies) when he told me his stuffed dog had laid eggs!