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I have been absolutely “fried” this past Monday and Tuesday. I am having a hard time staying awake and the arthritis in my neck and collar bones is at an all-time high! I think I’ve been going so hard and so long that my body is just plain giving out on me…and my mind is never far behind!

Monday, I aimed for a 20 minute nap and woke up 2 ½ hours later, with barely enough time to run to the drug store before I had to get Little Guy from school. I went to the library while he was in karate.

I like going to the library (and not just so I can get lost in a really good book) for a very weird reason…I’ve had a few (surprisingly) pleasant experiences at the library with good-looking guys. Got your attention now, don’t I?

Once or twice, I have espied a cute guy – who smiled, nodded, or gave me the sideways eye “sweep” of approval as he passed by. And while my usual sceptical self is screaming, “he’s not looking at you, idiot. Dream on!”, every now and then I indulge in the fantasy that maybe (and it’s a Big Maybe), I did catch this guy’s attention in a good way. I did say it was a weird reason.

There were no such experiences this time at the library and I was thankful. I was so tired that I had degenerated into one of those pasty-faced zombie “moms” in sloppy black yoga pants (covered in white fluff), hair in a pony tail with frizzy wisps escaping around my face. I swore that I would never let myself go out in public in yoga pants (or pjs)…sigh…I’m not proud of the fact that I did.

Today is the Morning Break finale and in addition to my class, bringing all the food, and opening the combined session, I may be forced to think very fast on my feet. There’s a very real chance that our guest speaker’s first grandbaby (who is overdue) will decide to make an appearance…and our guest speaker won’t make it. I’ve donned “dressy” clothes and make-up…no pony tail in sight! Wish me luck!

I don’t think it matters who you are, or at what age, stage, gender, marital status, etc. you are in! From time to time, we all need to feel that we are still attractive to the opposite sex. I’m not looking for a friend or a relationship, and I certainly don’t “dress” for the attention either! But if it happens, is it wrong of me to do an internal “victory” dance?