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It was cold…it was raining…and now I have lots of little chocolaty bars in a red and white striped “popcorn” bowl, hidden somewhere in the house! We only had 16 kids and I had candy for 80 (not counting the box of 40 that I really, really planned hoped to keep).

I did dress up as Hot Lips (from M*A*S*H) …khaki army gear and dog tags, hair in pig tails and yes! Bright red (streetwalker) Royal Red lipstick!! (thanks to Hubby – I’ll explain in a minute)… I went out in public like that…all day! I was certainly not the weirdest person around! I even heard someone whispering about these “immature teenagers” and when I looked around to see who they were talking about…it was me! Me! A teenager! I can’t manipulate that kind of compliment out of anybody!

Little Guy was a pirate this year and he got to wear his costume to school. But for some reason, when the time came to dress for his Halloween party at the church, he got really upset. I’m wondering if some stupid kid made fun of him (there’s one in every crowd) but I didn’t have time to investigate. We packed his costume and the guys ran out the door. He came home a pirate – yeah!!!!

I had told them that once they were out of sight, I was turning off all the lights and eating all the candy by myself. RighttoBitch.com threatened to pb my windows if I did that…and I told him to remember the jam, strawberry jam. My windows are safe and I didn’t turn off the lights. I have many fond memories of trudging in the cold and rain to trick-or-treat as a kid. I always dressed up as something “pretty” – a ballerina, a princess, a figure skater! Last year I was a Barbie fairy princess ballerina! Why not put it all together? I enjoyed taking my kids trick-or-treating (partly because I look so young, I often got candy too…white-haired senior ladies are the sweetest!)

Back to the lipstick story. I didn’t get to any stores for red lipstick and I wanted it for Wednesday morning to wear to Morning Break. Hubby had a meeting right after supper so there wasn’t time for a last-minute dash! What to do? My “knight in shining car” offered to pick some up for me! Unbeknownst to him (and to me, until further reflection), there are 2 aisles of make-up in the drug store. It was also nearly 11 o’clock in the evening…I was already in bed at home. Hubby wandered the aisles until the cosmetician offered to help. He felt the need to explain that “I’m looking for cheap red lipstick for my wife for Halloween”. I wonder if she believed him? And once the Royal Red tube was located (in the clearance rack – my kind of girl!), he felt the need to explain to the cashier as well: “This is for my wife”. He protesteth too much? Actually he dealt with a couple of ladies who thought he was the sweetest, and they shared a good laugh! I offered to share it with him, but he declined. Maybe next year…?

I have “Mudder Training” this morning so I’m not too worried about the treats I ate last night (and will likely consume later today – it’s post-Halloween – I’ve already exercised 2 weeks of self-control). Band rehearsal tonight – the last before our event Saturday night…but that’s another story!