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I had a friend who once remarked that I would be her son’s idea of a “perfect date” – I don’t eat much, I don’t drink much, and I don’t expect much”! I’m not sure if I should have been insulted by that, but it doesn’t matter now!

Little Guy had a “sleep over” Saturday night, at the karate dojo, which translates to a party from 6-11 with a pillow fight. They had to wear their Halloween costumes this time too! It’s a perfect opportunity for a “Date Night” – what to do?

We decided to eat out and go to a movie…but by 5 p.m., no one had showered, and I was wearing my super-unflattering track pants. By 5:30 p.m., Little Guy had showered and was wearing his pirate costume…and I was still wearing super-unflattering track pants. Believe it or not! It is possible for a woman to shower, dress, apply make-up and do her hair in less than 20 minutes (not that anyone would notice)!

We dropped Little Guy and headed to the theatre. We were both starving but in order to go to the early show, we only had an hour to kill…not enough time to eat in a restaurant. Could we hold out until after the movie? Apparently not! The smell of greasy food and buttered popcorn was too much to bear!

There are 2 food groups in the world: The one you put cheese on, and the one you put chocolate on. For our romantic date night, we dined on chilli cheese dogs in the theatre concourse. I only drizzled cheese sauce down my front once, and had to fight off several fruit flies (I tried not to think about what I was eating that would attract fruit flies). I was going to order a slice of pepperoni pizza, but it looked like it had already been sitting there for 3 hours. Yummy! And for dessert – chocolate covered raisins! Both food groups are covered.

We watched a sci-fi/action flick (lots of gun fire and slow motion gore)…just what a girl wants! Home by…9:30? While the chilli cheese dogs didn’t start barking (thankfully), neither of us had an appetite – the stores were closed and it was damp and rainy, so a walk was out of the question. Home it is! Hubby worked on his laptop and I folded laundry!

I don’t have much to complain about…in the movie, Date Night, the Fosters end up running for their lives, breaking & entering buildings, racing in high speed car chases, dodging bullets, and pole dancing in a sleazy night club. That’s not exactly the kind of date night a girl wants either.

Little Guy had a fabulous evening, and my debit card got a work-out (I paid)! I guess my friend was right – I don’t eat much, I don’t drink much, and I don’t expect much! But it was no ordinary Saturday night!