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I have lived in a house with guys for a few years now (and it could be worse – I have a friend with 4 boys and a husband)! Since Big Guy moved out, I’m a little less outnumbered (but I miss him). So it’s only natural that I’ve picked up some of their “masculine” sensibilities. Hubby often tells me, “you’re such a guy!” and I just laugh and agree. This week there were a few events that I found a bit disturbing. I thought I was supposed to be the “girl”!

This week, Hubby donated blood – an admirable act of heroism! I was proud of him, but also a little concerned. Hubby doesn’t handle “medical” stuff well, which means I’m on duty for doctors’ appointments, immunizations, and big boo-boos. I’m not sharing any stories, even if I’d like to..but I wondered how well he’d fare. Turns out it went pretty well – until it was time to leave. Within seconds of standing up, he started to crumble…It started with clamminess and sweating, and quickly progressed to light-headedness so they made him lie down with ice packs. The nurse thought he looked more blue than green. Did I mention that the clinic was set up in the cafeteria at work? Nothing like lying down on the job! His nurse suggested that next time he donated blood…maybe he shouldn’t! He has mostly recovered, but his ego is still a little bruised.

One night this week, when I picked Little Guy up from school, I noticed he had scratches across his chin, chest, arms, and knuckles. I asked him what happened? Turns out he was playing during outdoor lunch recess and he ran into a wall. I asked him what he had been playing – thinking war games or superheroes. His answer: “Oh! I was playing princesses”!

And finally, last weekend, Big Guy was home last weekend for a Halloween party with his friends. He went as Sam Fisher from the game Splinter Cell. He left the house dressed in black (including spray-painted steel-toed work boots), wearing his homemade (and very realistic) night vision goggles, with his plastic gun in a grocery bag. But there was something more disturbing – a battery operated pink pony – that writhes on the floor and giggles a rather hollow, creepy giggle. Apparently it was a big hit at the party!

What is this world coming to? Pale Protagonists, Princesses and Ponies? And I thought I was supposed to be the “girl”