I have a theory… We live near a high school and I’ve noticed that you often see groups of two girls and one boy (it was this way when I was in high school too). Let’s call them 1) the Girlfriend (“GF”); 2) the Boyfriend (“BF”); and, 3) the Best Friend (“BFF”).

The BFF is never as pretty as the GF, as slim as the GF, as athletic as the GF, as [insert complimentary description here] as the GF.

The BF is obliged to be nice to the BFF in order to stay in the good graces of the GF. This can cause the BFF to develop a secret crush on the BF. If the GF ever found out about the secret crush, the friendship would be ruined forever (or until the GF breaks up with the BF and finds a new BF).

The friendship is strained between the GF and the BFF if (and it can be a big IF) the BFF gets a Boyfriend, especially if the new Boyfriend is not a friend of the GF or BF. Any set ups by the GF between the BFF and the BF’s Best Friend rarely work out. There’s too much pressure on the relationship because “wouldn’t it be cool if we could double-date?” It also increases the sense of jealousy and competition between the GF and the BFF, especially if the BFF’s boyfriend treats her better than the BF treats the GF.

In the GF’s opinion, it is always better if the BFF stays single. The GF can empathize with the BFF, and even takes steps to help the BFF get her own Boyfriend (but not too hard) because it makes the GF look better to everyone else. Because the BFF is unaware of the GF’s selfishness in wanting the BFF to stay single, the BFF will continue to adore the GF…maybe even idolize her for far too long!

The point of all this: I have deadlines and I’m wasting time…