Today’s post will be short and sweet – just like me! Actually, it will be short because I was out last night (remarkably mobile considering the grueling workout I had with our Mudder trainer. I know I was working hard because my glasses kept fogging up when we were cooling down. Good thing our instructor was talking through the cool down or I would have been lost). I was at the Worship Team…Worship Band…practice (I still don’t know what to call us…) When Hubby hears “band practice”, he comes out with the one-liner “…and then one time at band camp…” and anyone who knew me in high school would think concert band – I was first flute. (Doesn’t that scream “popular”?!?) But I digress…we’re leading worship on Sunday.

Today, I am attending a church leadership conference…I’m not really sure why I was asked, although I have my suspicions, and I didn’t ask any questions because my mind was working on 2 other jobs at the same time and I wasn’t paying attention. (I can admit that because anyone concerned by that statement is probably at the conference with me).

 So much for short and sweet…

Someone asked me recently why I have no photos of me (or rather no clear photos of me). Plain and simple – I like the anonymity! I prefer to think that anyone reading my blog is picturing me as a tall, hot babe with a witty sense of humour and a big rack. I’m being honest! Would readers be disappointed if they saw me? Potentially. Am I supposed to care if they are? No – but sometimes I do (pardon me, my insecurity is showing).

 For the truly interested, there have been clues in my blog posts as to my true appearance, as well as a few “unclear” pictures. I’ll give you a hint: search for “beauty” and “mountain biking” (they were flattering angles). But to satisfy the bold babe who asked, here’s a reasonable facsimile!


 “Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can”. – Elsa Maxwell

 Happy Weekend!