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Poor unsuspecting Hubby! I really think I scared him, made him think I’ve (completely) lost my mind!

I was watching the movie, Legally Blonde yesterday afternoon (I was SO tired after teaching all morning and loading/unloading the car that I couldn’t even get off the couch to eat lunch). I was tickying away on my laptop, when the famous “Bend & Snap” scene came on, and I wondered what would happen if I googled the term. Can you believe there’s a Wikihow page with instructions (and warnings) on how to do the Bend & Snap? The term has even made it into The Urban Dictionary!

Now before I share the Wikihow instructions, I have to point out 2 things – First, the purpose of the Bend & Snap is to attract the attention of the object of your affection. In my case, I’m married – I’ve already reached my limit, and I have absolutely no desire for an upgrade or a replacement! Second, practice…practice…practice and proceed with extreme caution so that you don’t Snap at the wrong moment and end up hurting yourself or your intended target.

How to Bend & Snap:
1) Assume a target. (Make sure your target is interested in you before you attempt this manoeuvre).
2) Casually find an object that is not too heavy and easy to pick up. Make sure it is something that someone would normally drop as in a pen, piece of paper, tweezers, etc. Don’t use anything heavy, breakable, fragile, or sharp.
3) Engage your target in casual conversation. He will be unaware that he has propelled himself into your plan.
4) Drop your chosen item “by accident” in the middle of the conversation if things are going well. Just don’t drop it on your foot!
5) Slowly, bend forward while sliding your hand delicately down your leg. Make sure he isn’t also reaching for the object, or you might connect, and not in the way you intended!
6) Pick up the item, and violently snap upwards, lunging your chest outward and towards your chosen target.
7) Glance into your target’s eyes, not breaking eye contact, and giggle playfully. He will now be totally attracted to your charm no matter how ugly you are.
I decided to try it on Hubby but I had to choose my moment very carefully, especially since I wanted to engage him before he headed out the door to the kids’ program at the church…but the moment never came. Once Little Guy was in bed, I made a few false starts. It’s harder to Bend and Snap than I thought.

I finally cornered him in the kitchen while he was making a snack. I started a conversation and dropped my pen. The conversation kind of went like this:

“Oops! I dropped my pen” – then I did the Bend and Snap…Hubby gave me a funny look. I smile….and drop my pen again.
Hubby: “What are you doing?”
I Bend and Snap. “I’m flirting with you.”
Hubby: (laughing) “I thought it was something like that, but you’re doing it all wrong. I don’t know how you’re doing it wrong, but I’m pretty sure you’re doing it wrong.”

I probably should have asked him for a demonstration on how to do it right….but I’m pretty sure he would outshine me. Do me a favour? Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

References: http://www.wikihow.com/Bend-and-Snap