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Getting out of bed Saturday morning…extremely painful! It didn’t help that Little Guy fell out of bed just before midnight. It’s one of those sounds in the middle of the night that can wake me from a “dead man’s” sleep – my feet hit the floor (just before my toe hit the bed post) as I blindly ran into Little Guy’s room. I asked him if he was ok and he answered, “Yeah but I wasn’t expecting that”. I also heard “thud thud thud…bang!” just before Little Guy tackled me around 2 a.m. because he’d had a bad dream. I asked him if he was ok and he answered, “Yeah, I’ll just sleep with you”. Fat chance!! We snuggled for a few minutes, then I started to tell him about when I was little and how I had to be really scared before I’d knock on my parents’ door because my Dad was scary grumpy…I guess the sound of my voice was irritating him because he wanted to go back to his own bed. Note to self: Start with the story and maybe I can tuck him in and go back to sleep faster!

I managed to stumble to my car in the dark (I don’t think I keyed my car too many times trying to find the lock), picked up someone else who needed a ride (who had been up since 5 because he is a morning person), resisted the urge to chuck him from the car, and headed to Tim’s for an XL steeped tea (the cup was approx. 7″ tall and got me through the first hour). When I got to the church, I found out I had been demoted from registration to kitchen staff. Yeah…I didn’t have to talk to strangers! Initially we were told that there were only 3 of us but we ended up with 9 volunteers, giving me more time to “decorate” the kitchen with my ravishing beauty [insert hysterical laughter here].

I reminded everyone (after the hot chocolate incident) that I was going to be blogging about this on Monday, so they behaved…mostly! We made hot chocolate around 8 a.m. but it was challenging. The instructions were simple: so many tbsps of powder to so many parts of hot milk (we were using hot water) …but we were mixing it in a huge Rubbermaid© jug. As one sister was getting the measurements for it from her Dad over the phone, the other sister was joyfully tossing powder and boiling water in the jug. Then she dropped a kettle lid in the jug and it sunk to the bottom of the brown abyss. It took two of us fishing with a giant wooden spoon and a pair of tongs, to liberate the lid from its murky depths! Next, taste test: one girl thought it tasted like play dough, Big guy thought it tasted like straw, and I thought it tasted…a bit nutty! Big Guy thought this was hilarious…and then I also caught the reference and we both started laughing so hard that we were gasping for breath, our faces were beet red, and the tears were streaming. Everyone was looking at us and I could tell from their eyes that their thoughts had gone far beyond genuine confusion, to shock and horror. It was embarrassing, but we couldn’t stop. Now, I have to interject here; otherwise this is just a garbled rendition of one of those “you had to be there” moments. First, Little Guy’s top front teeth are sticking out at odd angles because they are getting loose, and I have (very quietly) been referring to him as Austin Powers. Secondly, have you seen the movie, “Austin Powers”…when they’re in the lab…and he thinks he’s drinking coffee but it’s not…? Maybe you just had to be there!

What else happened…? This year we made the grape juice with cold water, not warm water… definitely an improvement! One guy asked for directions to the bathroom and we lost him… Someone had found 2 beautiful cats in the ditch when setting up the night before, so we were trying to find them a good home…Little Guy liked them and I liked them (I knew Hubby would never agree). And I am pretty sure the guinea pigs we just agreed to adopt (and who arrived Sunday afternoon) would not like them. So during a quiet time between jobs, someone started looking up “awkward cat pictures” on the internet. The winner was a naked couple with their cats strategically placed…I mentioned “I hope the cats are declawed”…while someone else piped up, “at least the cats are good looking”…at least I wasn’t the only one who was insanely giddy any more…

I realize none of this has anything to do with the fact that we registered and served over 250 riders, or that close to $55,000 was raised to support displaced, vulnerable or exploited people. I’m just hitting the highlights from my corner of the event, but overall I’d say we all had a good day! Yeah baby!

NB: For those who didn’t catch the Austin Powers reference, I did find a clip of it…It’s short but there is a bit of language…and it will likely make you groan!