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If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk. ~Raymond Inmon

I didn’t hear any angels whispering, but it was peaceful in the woods. We followed trails left by army jeeps in World War II (and used since by us to collect wood for our woodstove years ago). The RCEME (Royal Canadian Electrical and Engineering Corp.) trained in our woods. The Corp. used to feed their scraps to the pigs, and my Grandmother told me the pigs used to run to the fence every time a jeep drove by the farm. She also remembers being taken on a tour of the camp in the woods, and the men being reminded to watch their language “because there was a lady present”. The only signs of life were one partridge, a few deer tracks, and a pile of scat from either a small bear or a very big raccoon.

Do you know the expression “walk softly and carry a big stick”? Little Guy can’t do either one. He walked loudly, whacking everything in his path, and carrying not just any stick, but a stick the size of a small tree. He got it stuck in every bush we passed, and when he got tired of fighting with it, he’d trade it for another equally tall stick. We tried tug of war…but the stick broke and Little Guy went flying. I won the next match too – I’ll stronger for a few more years.

Big Guy climbed a tree (but he climbs trees professionally). Little Guy tried…I climbed one too, but I kind of braced myself with my feet and scooted up backwards. We passed a number of fallen trees pulled up from the roots, and climbed through a large tree in order to stay on the path. The path also had a number of spindly trees to step around, especially the ones with thorns. Ouch!

My favourite part was opening the milkweed pods and blowing the seeds around. They are so silky and ethereal when they float by…

It was a memorable day!