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Last Friday, breezyk.wordpress.com wrote about the transformative power of lipstick, how “we’ve all experienced times where we’ve felt low, been degraded, or felt like just a number… and we’ve all wanted a way out. While some people see makeup as superficial or unnecessary, I see it as a form of self-expression. A fun, creative outlet…And a way of being really, really, ridiculously good-looking”.

It seems great minds think alike…only last Thursday I wrote about a pair of high-heeled boots that made me feel “invincible”. What has this to do with Holy Estrogen? Well, it was because of those two posts that I was encouraged to share a little project that I am doing with the ladies in the women’s ministry (called Morning Break) at my church. We are using the book, Holy Estrogen! by Carol McLeod, as our devotional book, and in a nutshell, it tackles how to tackle our emotions (before they tackle us) and use them to change us, empower us, and most of all, glorify God in our lives. Sounds heavy, but trust me, a room full of women aged 20-85+, can’t help but relate to the crazy antics and hilarious stories of the author and our speakers. We just plain have a lot of fun! Maybe I’ll share what we’re learning another day…

I am an “idea” person – I can’t help it! When I get involved in something, I’m not content to just sit on the sidelines…and it seems I’m developing the skill to “suck” others in! I coined the catchphrase for this session: “Come on girls – it’s time to pucker up! Kiss the old good-bye, and say ‘hello’ to the new”! Yesterday, an entire class decided to spur me on and they all wore shiny, kissable lip stickers on their shirts. I love it!

This week, we started a project. I encouraged all the ladies to pull out their brightest lipstick, slather it on at the same time, and literally kiss a white scrap of paper. Then we signed our name – first, last, nickname – I don’t care…and I’m going to make a poster with all our “kisses”. Why? Just to show the world “our mark”. I have talked about it for a couple of weeks, and I was absolutely blown away by the number of ladies who thought this was a fantastic idea. I gathered close to 50 kisses, all shades of pinks and reds! Those who didn’t wear lipstick (or didn’t want to share their kiss), drew lips on their paper. Now I have some work to do this weekend to turn these ‘kisses’ into a masterpiece!

I have been in this leadership position for year (I still don’t know how the “least likely creature” for the job ended up with the job)…and I can’t help but wonder…are those (who maybe know how I got job) regretting it yet?