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It’s been almost 9 months since I started this baby and I thought I should give a brief update on how it’s going!

It’s going.

Let’s see…my weight is down and staying that way (it’s under 120 lbs)…but Thanksgiving is coming. I’ve already baked my traditional green tomato pie. I drove around my walking route this week because I was sure that it was further than my first assessment – it turns out my walk is 2.5 km, not 3. I did what any self-respecting individual would do. I went home, took off my pants and crawled into bed for 3 hours. Then I watched Fred Astaire sing “swonderful” to Audrey Hepburn until it was time to get Little Guy from school. That was a good day!

Hubby & I could have started a marriage course to “put more laughter in our marriage”. He said we don’t need to go…I provide more than enough material to keep him laughing in our marriage for years to come.

As part of my mid-life crisis, I have tried some new things. I successfully purchased (and wore) a new bathing suit in public. Just this week, I tried yoga wear. I don’t care what they say…those yoga pants that claimed they were “slimming”, were not! I’m a huge tea granny, so I tried Dark Chocolate Chai tea – it’s strangely disgusting but maybe that’s because I was eating a white grape popsicle at the same time…I was going to try a new recipe this month: Chorizo Chili, but I haven’t been able to find chorizo sausage. I’m not visiting any new grocery stores because I don’t want to meet Henry (O Henry!)

There are a few new challenges on the horizon, like taking on a new role in a contemporary evening worship service at the church and training for a potential Mudder event. I survived the first day of training. Our instructor took the time to teach us proper technique, which is probably why I was able to move the rest of the day…and she kept it to 45 minutes. Next week it’s an hour and she’s already promised (or was it threatened?) to work us harder. Seriously? But just in case, I posted-dated today’s blog entry in case I’m crippled and stuck in bed all day. Little Guy has the day off so I don’t have to traverse the dangers of the school parking lot or get stuck in any awkward positions while putting on a pair of socks. And in a pinch, Little Guy can fix bowls of cereal so we’ll be fine. Happy Weekend!