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It’s finally time…time to say good-bye to the best pair of high-heeled boots I have ever owned. Actually, the only pair of high-heeled boots I have ever owned. They were so outside of my “Pollyanna” comfort zone at the time that I nicknamed them my “hooker boots”. It was one of the first times I felt (dare I say it) sexy, I felt less like a country bumpkin in the big city, I felt “invincible”. That sounds ridiculous and corny, like a huge exaggeration of the power of a pair of boots, but any ladies reading will know of what I speak! I wanted to sing “these boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do…” (are you singing it now too?). Can you believe I bought them almost 10 years ago for $40. They have travelled on city streets, rambled through shopping malls, even danced on stage that one time I tried karaoke and all the girls sang “Girls just Wanna Have Fun”. But it’s time for them to travel to the “landfill in the sky” because they are literally peeling at every seam…and I’m very sad!

I have started shopping for boots to replace them (on a shoe string budget), but it’s not the same. Styles have changed. I don’t like rounded toes and I don’t like chunky heels. Everything has buckles and straps everywhere (reminds me of the ’80s. Music from the ’80s is great but fashion, not so much!). Most of the boots I’ve seen so far have no heels. Flats to a short person is like ice-cream to a lactose-intolerant person – it’s a big NO-NO! And yes, I read my own blog, Not Heels Too! I know heels aren’t good for me, but neither is chocolate and I’m not quite ready to give either of them up!

Anyway, I let Little Guy take them for one last spin…actually they were still lying by the front door and he put them on when I wasn’t looking…and then he filled them with Lego. But it was good for one last laugh. So long, hooker boots!

And if I don’t survive today’s first training session, I won’t need boots any way…

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