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Adding on to yesterday’s story (Mad Scientist)…the one where Little Guy was surprised that I knew exactly what he had been doing behind a closed bathroom door, which wasn’t what he was supposed to be doing! (i.e., getting ready for bed) Someone commented “My Mom used ‘I have eyes in the back of my head’ and my brothers were constantly trying to lift her hair to find them!” I don’t think I’ve ever used that line just for that reason…where’s the proof? And I’m not sure if my Mom ever used it…but then she didn’t always need to do so.

I was scared of the dark…and so, my brother, being 4 years my senior, knew just how to take advantage of me and reap benefits from my fear. I (foolishly) trusted my big brother and if he told me do something, there was a pretty good chance I would do it. When he sniffed pepper to see if it would make him sneeze, I tried it too. It didn’t! It just burned and made my eyes water. I believed him when he told me about “flugies” in our milk, snow tarantulas, and fresh water sharks (all stories for another day).

There were 2 small walk-in closets in my parents’ bedroom and he’d shut me in them with the lights off. I wish I could remember how he got me in there (maybe I could use that tactic on him when we’re old and senile). Both closets were missing a latch or handle on the inside and I was too short to reach the pull chain for the light. The one closet, in particular, had ropey spider webs…which just fed my second greatest fear: spiders.

On one particular occasion, my Mom was talking on the telephone, which was located by the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. My brother somehow convinced me to go in the hall closet, and true to form, closed the door and held it shut. I was screaming and pounding (or so I’m told) so my Mom asked him “Did you just lock your sister in the closet?” With a straight face, still holding the door shut, he answered “no”. He laughs every time he tells it because my mother watched him lock me in the closet. I’m sure he got in trouble for locking me in the closet and lying about it.

I still don’t like going into closets or bathrooms with no windows…or dressing rooms, but that’s probably a different reason. I have a walk-in closet in my bedroom, but no doors, just sheer curtains. Now I know who to blame for my claustrophobia?