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Well… I tried a new recipe last night…mushroom-stuffed meatloaf.

I planned ahead and bought the items I would need to avoid any last minute trips to the store. I’m coming down with a cold and feeling crummy but I forged ahead. I chopped and sautéed my onions and mushrooms, grated fresh ginger, smooshed my ground beef, added my spices, and creamed the cream cheese. It was beautiful! I popped it into the oven and started cleaning up.

It smelled so good and my mouth starting watering, the picture in the recipe book floating before my eyes. The timer dinged – I steamed the broccoli and heated the corn….getting excited. I can’t wait to slice into this thing, arrange it on a platter and take a picture of my masterpiece for my blog. I started dishing it up…only to find out…it’s not cooked all the way through! So the guys had hot dogs and veggies before heading out the door to Kids’ Club at the church…I had broccoli and soda crackers with cheese and waited…

Almost 2 hours after I popped my meatloaf in a pre-heated oven, my meatloaf was done. I couldn’t wait to take that first bite! First, I burned my fingers on the meat thermometer. Next, I realized I had used my last dairy enzyme pill so I can’t eat it! But wait…there should be some in my purse! Yes! There’s…one. Dilemma: meatloaf or ice-cream?

It was a tough call! I went with meat loaf and it was worth the aggravation – SO good…and while I couldn’t have ice cream, I managed to work up the energy to make Fiddle Diddle cookies! They’re better than ice-cream. Dilemma solved!