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Yup! I’m back at it…again! But this time I have a sense of urgency about it. I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye…and there really is something there. Every year we have an infestation of little white moths in the house, but this year it’s been a bumper crop! I think I should invest in the tissue companies because we’re burning through the boxes, wiping greasy moth smudges off the walls. Hubby did some internet research and found out that this particular species eats dried goods and flowers…but even armed with that information, if it is indeed correct, we don’t know the source…so more Adventures in Spring Cleaning…starting in the kitchen…again!

I started with the crisper drawers in the fridge. I am aware that moths cannot survive in a fridge, but the liquid lettuce was grossing me out! Then I tackled another easy place – the cutlery drawer. We must fix out toast with the drawer hanging open because I’m certain there were enough crumbs in there to make a batch of crockpot stuffing! I sorted through a pile of coupons (which I never think to take with me when I shop) and only found one from July…2011!

Then I started the lower baking cupboard. Every bagged and boxed item will have to be transferred to a plastic container. I may have to go on a shopping trip. To make a long story short, I now have unlabelled ice-cream and margarine containers filled with flour and oatmeal. I will have to label them soon or I may end up playing the “mystery powder” game the next time I bake. It’s not as much fun as it sounds.

By the time I finished fishing out containers and pouring powders, I was powdered, and so was my floor. I can’t stand crunchy, sticky, slippery floors so I swept it all up. Note to self: wipe the kitchen counters before sweeping the floor. It saves doing the work twice!

Later today, I’m going to have to finish that cupboard, and I’m not looking forward to crawling into that dark cupboard head-first. For one thing, there’s a hole in the corner and we have no idea where it leads. Who knows what evil lurks there? I’m also going to have to drag the vacuum up to clean out the cracks and crevices. Hubby read that bleach doesn’t kill these moths…it just makes them clean. I have to vacuum – the horror!

I suspect that once all this work is done…we will still have moths! It’s forcing me to tackle jobs I’ve procrastinated on for far too long. I may also find some long-lost treasure – I already found the missing chip clip! And while I may not be the “plastic container queen” like a friend of mine, I may be a close runner-up! I just hope there aren’t any spiders…