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It’s almost September, which means it’s almost time for the “s” word…school! I’m trying not to think about it. Instead, Little Guy, my parents and I went for a last big “hurrah” to celebrate Summer! What better way to celebrate Summer than with ice-cream?

My Dad bid on a certificate to an ice-cream specialty shop in an auction, so we had $60 to spend on ice-cream…we tried to spend it all, but my parents have enough for another “hurrah” on another day! The store was in the downtown core of a nearby city (about a half hour drive) and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed walking around that area. I love the limestone buildings, the waterfront, and the history! But back to our gourmet ice-cream experience…

The creamery boasts a recipe for Sweet Cream ice cream that was developed by two French chefs. First, choose your size and flavour. This store must have had close to 2 dozen flavours – from fun (like birthday cake) to fruity (like pomegranate), from chocolate (like swiss or dark) to combinations (like white chocolate-raspberry). Second, choose your “mixins” – from nuts, to berries, to candies, to chocolate…It’s an exhaustive selection. Third, choose your cone – with or without sprinkles, nuts, or chocolate. They scoop your ice-cream onto a frozen marble slab, where “mixins are blended in with the ice cream, before they finally scoop it into a hand-rolled, freshly baked waffle cone. Did I mention that the whole shop smells deliciously of sugary waffle cones?

Since we weren’t watching any budgets, I actually took time to look at the “suggested” combinations, and I chose a Swiss Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch in a regular waffle cone (I had to show some sign of restraint). My Mom had a Strawberry and Sweet Cream Low-Fat Yogurt in a regular waffle cone. Little Guy’s was the prettiest – Bubblegum Circus in a waffle cone with sprinkles…bubblegum ice-cream with mini marshmallows and gummy bears. He couldn’t finish his so Mom and I helped…so much for restraint! We even spotted a celebrity while we were eating – Dan Aykroyd!

You can dress me up but you can’t take me out. I dribbled chocolate ice-cream down my white camisole, and consequently had to wear that dribble during our walk along the waterfront, shopping at the Mall, and to the restaurant for supper! How embarrassing! Even so, SO worth it!

September is coming…and I can start dieting and walking again then. For now, I’m celebrating the last few days of Summer. Hope you’re celebrating too!