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Get this…I went to an Elvis Festival this past Saturday in a very small village…and I didn’t see a single Elvis!

We crawled out of bed early Saturday morning, packed a snack and hit the road. My Aunt was showing some of her art in an “Art in the Park” venue and we thought it would be fun to surprise her! We found the park, which also had a small beach and a playground. Little Guy was thrilled (he was sure he wouldn’t have any fun and had quite the “Hound Dog” expression), and I can honestly say he had the most fun! There was a “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”. It’s hard to be “lady-like” on a teeter-totter, dressed in a mini skirt. Oh well!

Little Guy was covered in sand by lunch time, but what’s a little grit when you’re eating? And what is it about the smell of hot dogs and French fries cooked in a bus – I “Can’t Help Falling in Love”! So much for my diet! I actually intended to be good and just have a few fries, but Little Guy decided his hot dog was a little too big and I couldn’t waste good food, now could I? “Don’t Be Cruel.”

Little Guy played some more in the sand and in the water, before we piled into the car to try to find Elvis – “Its Now or Never”, but for a small village filled with Elvis contestants, they were well hidden. We were disappointed! We drove through the main street in the village (being careful not to blink or we’d miss it) but didn’t see any signs to guide our way…and since we were all hot and tired, we just kept driving. Little Guy was satisfied and ready to head home too! We took the country route home – roads that wind lazily past tall evergreens and copper walls of rock. I would love to have stopped for awhile and gone for a walk in those woods, but there weren’t too many places to pull over, and I was wearing flip-flops, not “Blue Suede Shoes”. A few trees were starting to change into Fall colours in the swampy areas. I drifted off…

Since we’d blown our diets anyway, we picked up ice cream on the way home. The ice cream was actually taller than the cone! I just hope it will “Love Me Tender” and not pack on too many pounds. My Dad took a very unflattering picture of me sitting on the merry-go-round, and now I’m “All Shook Up”! If I don’t get my sugar cravings under control, I’ll have to ask Hubby to “Let Me Be (Your Teddy Bear)”.

I’ll quit this lame post now…before I’m forced to sing “Jailhouse Rock”. Besides, black & white stripes are so unflattering. Thank you, Thank you very much…