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Could it be? Only days ago I was feeling pretty confident in my new bathing suit. But today I stood on the bathroom scale and the numbers are slowly creeping up. You’d think it would be easy to lose weight in the summer, with all the fresh veggies and fruit around…and it would be, if I could ignore the ice-cream and popsicles that are around too.

On the plus side, I recently read that we should eat more chocolate. You read that right – more! Chocolate calories may not count…well some of them anyway. A new study from the Archives of Internal Medicine found that those us who eat chocolate on a regular basis (despite the extra calories) have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who don’t. Eating a small amount of chocolate 5 times a week is connected to a 1 point drop in BMI. Why? Maybe the chocolate boosts our metabolism, which helps to offset the calories. That theory works for me! Try to avoid trans and hydrogenated fats and opt for dark milk chocolate.

Here’s what you need to remember: Don’t feel guilty about indulging in chocolate. (I suppose I should add: in moderation)

I need to work at melting off those pesky pounds, but if I can do it with chocolate melting in my mouth, I’ll be much happier! I promise…

Reference: Eat More chocolate by Karyn Gordon, Health Section, Chatelaine August 2012