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We had a good time and while I spent most of it wet, I wasn’t cold. Most of the water attractions are inside so we were able to play a long time before we got cold. The time went by pretty quickly and I was surprised that we were actually able to pass 4 hours in a giant water park. There were 5 pools, including a wave pool, a pool with basketball hoops, and a pool with a ropes course, 3 hot tubs (1 for families), 1 lazy river, a large water playscape with 2 slides, and 4 giant slides. Little Guy could only do three of the giant slides with an adult, so Hubby took him on one while I soaked in the adult hot tub. We also did one of the giant slides as a family. I’ve never minded heights before, but the combination of steamy environment, height and nervousness made my knees weak by the time we climbed the staircase and waited our turn. I’m not sure if it helped that I was facing backwards for most of the slide down and couldn’t see what was coming. I have an “official” park photo of our family on the rubber raft…with a lovely shot of Hubby and Little Guy…and a lovely shot of my ponytail! Yes, I screamed for the first two drops – and it wasn’t really because I was having fun. I would like to like roller coasters, but sadly, I just can’t enjoy the drop! I had to sit down after I crawled out of the raft because my legs were rubber. Can I use the excuse next year: I’m too old??

We didn’t do the mini golf or the spa (like Little Guy would be interested in a manicure), but we did visit the gift shop and the arcade. Little Guy chose a new bed buddy (as if he needed another one) and he cuddled with it all the way home. We rented a locker in the water park and we could get back the $10 key deposit or get another stuffie…so I have one too.

Food options were a bit more challenging… I had brought enough snacky stuff to do breakfast in our room. There were no tea bags! There were 2 small restaurants and several “snack shops”. We ended up buying a pizza and taking it back to our room. It was really good. Then we went for dessert…Little Guy had a cupcake with a gummy butterfly, while Hubby and I shared a giant Rocky Road square. I love chocolate and sweets…but half a square was more than enough. We also joined other families for story time with the animated “furry friends”, as well as 2 bedtime stories under the stars. Our storyteller was fantastic! We all had trouble getting to sleep…although I was all tucked in around 6:05 p.m. while Little Guy watched TV.

It was sunny when we headed home, but after an hour or so, we were driving parallel to a thunderstorm. The lightning bolts really stood out against the dark sky. It wasn’t until we got off the highway and stopped at the first intersection, that we realized just how close it was. The lightning streak and the crash made me jump in my seat. If I had been sleepy before, I was now wide awake. The storm crossed our path the rest of the way home, and when we within 5 minutes of home, the heavens gave way with torrential rain and hail. We were going to pick up burgers for supper, but we went straight home instead. The sun was almost out when we pulled in the carport. It was still pouring so we just left everything in the car and ran for it. Hot dogs for supper!

Even though I had my own queen-sized bed at the hotel, I didn’t sleep well with my 2 guys on either side of me, so I’m planning to have a quiet day today. We’ll see! Little Guy had trouble getting to sleep away from home too. I finally sat by him and just stroked his head, and he was asleep in less than 10 minutes. On the plus side, I was hardly the worst-dressed there. I survived appearing in public in a bathing suit.