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I have been afraid of spiders for as long as I can remember. Technically, I don’t have arachnophobia, but I don’t like them near me, and I certainly wouldn’t touch one. I’ve had encounters in my house, my garden, my car, and even my purse. I have learned about them so it can’t be a fear of the unknown…they are just creepy and way too good at startling me, I guess. Unfortunately, Little Guy is also developed a fear of them, so I have had to push myself to set a good example. I have tried to play it nonchalantly when they are around, and if possible, “deal” with them myself. But it hasn’t always been easy.

Yesterday I tackled my Dad’s bathroom. My “Mom’s bathroom” is on the main floor – it’s white and pretty, with a comfy bathtub. My “Dad’s bathroom” is small with a shower (no tub) and it’s off the laundry room. If you want privacy, go there! But it’s also a hangout for lots of spiders, and with my Grandfather in the hospital and passing away, cleaning Dad’s bathroom hasn’t been high priority, and the spider population took full advantage. What better way to tackle my fears? Mom sprayed the spiders the night before (I didn’t know that when I offered to do it so bonus!), but armed with cleaners, sponges, brooms, and bug spray, I headed down…and I didn’t do too badly. Every time my hair brushed my arm, I jumped and every now and then, I had to step out and take a breath. There were a lot of webs, and a lot of bodies. Yuck!

I was nearly finished, and feeling more and more squeamish, and breaking into a sweat, when I went to rinse out the sponge…and there was a house centipede in the sink. These things, if you haven’t seen one, are all legs. When they run (and they can move fast), they absolutely ripple across the floor. They are like a fast-moving dust ball…and they gross me out! I don’t know where it came from, considering I had cleaned the walls, sink, counter and floor in that entire area, but there it was! I shrieked! Little Guy was in the next room and my little defender ran away. I could hear him thumping up the stairs. He didn’t even check to see if I was still alive. So much for a knight in shining armour to rescue me! I guess he knew from the tone and volume of my scream that I’d found something big? I don’t know where I threw the sponge – I never found it. But I did have enough sense to grab the bug spray and spray it. The poor bug squirmed for an eternity (me too) and then all its legs fell off. I tried to wash it down the drain, but it was too big. With my face screwed up and with one eye half open, I chopped it up with the plug plunger in the sink. No easy task!

That was it for me. I couldn’t take any more. Mom or Dad will have to clean the shower stall. There’s a dead spider on the floor of it…and after an encounter with a small spider who was pretending to be dead, and that house centipede, I am done! I’ll have to overcome my fear of spiders another day!

I found one in my Mom’s bathroom at bedtime…I let my Dad deal with it… he put it outside.