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I confess – I am a side-of-the-box reader. I noticed this one the other day!

Can you see it? Look closer!

How did they know? Like most, I get bored so I read the side of the box – French and English…the cereal box at the table with breakfast, the shampoo bottle in the bathroom when…well, you get the picture. It was a great way to practice my “radio announcer” voice for my non-existent acting career! It’s as if my brain can’t handle the silence in during those every day activities…and the box is right there to accommodate me!

 When I became a parent, the main concern was how much sugar and red dye each package contained. With school lunches, I have to check the “nut-free” status on every single box, bag, carton, and crate. Now that I’ve developed some food intolerances, I check for dairy, gluten, corn, etc. And the older I get, the more compelled I am to read the side of the box. How much fibre does it contain? How much sugar and fat per serving, and where do those items fall in the list of ingredients? Are there artificial sweeteners (some studies now say they may contribute to short-term memory loss and I don’t need the extra help, let me tell you)? There are more ingredients that I can’t pronounce every year, and fewer that I recognize. If I had the energy, I’d like to start a garden just so I know what exactly I am eating!

I looked online to see if there were any statistics on how many people read the side of a carton or box (is it just me?), but didn’t come up with any. I could, however, learn how to stack boxes side by side, or I could find out where to get boxes to fit any item I might want to ship worldwide. I also found a website with a cereal box archive, and many of them I have never heard of before, like Sugar Sparkled Flakes or Quangaroos…so I wasted some time reading those boxes too. If you want to waste some time – here’s the link: http://theimaginaryworld.com/cbarch.html

Happy Reading!